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    Nostri Amici Kindergarten

    Ιδιωτικό Νηπιαγωγείο Λευκωσία Στρόβολος


Nostri Amici | Private Kindergarten Strovolos Nicosia

The private kindergarten Nostri Amici was founded in 2011 in Strovolos, Nicosia and has since operated as a pre-school, with Kindergarten and approved Reception (pre-K) years.

It can serve children from 2 years to 6 years.

It has all relevant and required licences from the Social Welfare Services, Ministry of Education, Public Health Service (Ministry of Health), Cyprus Fire Service and the Department of Electromechanical Services.

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Six areas of development

To contribute to the comprehensive development of the child by strengthening six different areas of a child's personality development, which are directly related to each other and complement each other. These areas are physical development, perceptual-sensory development, communication and linguistic development, cognitive development, emotional development and social development.


Children are supported to develop basic competencies, skills, and knowledge through play, social interaction, experiential education and stories

Cognitive Development

Children are encouraged to develop their critical thinking to find solutions to problems in their daily lives

Physical Development

Children are empowered to shape their lifestyle through increased understanding of important principles, such as that of proper nutrition for good health and physical development, and that of care and hygiene of the body and their surrounding environment.

Social development

Children are encouraged to develop relationships with friends (socialize) and learn to cooperate with each other

Perceptive Development

Children are equipped with an increased awareness of environmental issues

Emotional Development

Children are empowered to gradually move away from the family environment


Administration, Educational Staff and Supporting Personnel

The Owner and Director of the Nostri Amici Private Kindergarten is Ms. Marianna Orphanou, holder of a University Degree in Pre-Primary Education. The educational staff of the kindergarten is also comprised of holders of University level degrees in pre-primary education. Staff and supporting personnel of the Nostri Amici Private Kindergarten are experienced and excellently trained in their respective duties. All individuals who make up our team have the necessary certificates for the position they hold (Health Certificate, Clean Criminal Record Certificate, Prevention and Combating of Sexual Abuse and Sexual Exploitation of Children and Child Pornography Law 91(I)/2014 Certificate etc.).
  • The Nostri Amici Private Kindergarten Strovolos Nicosia has fully integrated technology as a complementary tool in the conduct of its activities. Of course, it is highlighted that in no way does technology replace the experiential experiences of children but it reinforces and enriches them. Wanting to educate children in learning and using technology constructively, we create learning or evaluation activities using an interactive board, computer, robots, electronic fairytales, fairy tales or games with sound, digital camera, and software that promote and enhance problem-solving and other skills.
  • The Nostri Amici Private Kindergarten Strovolos Nicosia is a Greek-speaking school. Yet, children have the opportunity to come into a first contact with the English language by enriching their vocabulary with the help of songs, games, rhythmic poems and other creative activities, either in the form of structured activities of 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the age of the children, or during the day among other activities or routines.
  • Music Lessons (Early Childhood Music Education)

    Music lessons are offered in the Nostri Amici Private Kindergarten Strovolos Nicosia during school hours by a Musician with a University Degree in Musical studies.

    What is Early Childhood Music Education?

    By the term Early Childhood Music Education we refer to teaching music to children from 0-7 years of age. In Early Childhood Music Education, the entire educational process is carried out through an experiential approach where children experience musical stimuli through using their body and their senses and through playing on musical instruments.

    Early Childhood Music Education has three main aims:

    • For the children to acquire rhythmic balance and therefore rhythmical readiness. This means that children will be able to perform a variety of rhythms of both simple and more complex rhythmic patterns.

    • For the children to acquire melodic readiness. This means that children will be able to distinguish melodies and various tone heights, and at the same time they will learn to sing correctly according to the melodic stimuli they are presented with.

    • For the children to learn to move their bodies freely as well as to learn how to socialize and function as part of a broader social set, through unstructured music games.

    Through Early Childhood Music Education children begin to solve to a significant extent, the first problems that they may face later in learning any musical instrument when music studies become more complex. But the most important outcome is that children experience joy and fun through the music!

  • The Nostri Amici Private Kindergarten has a kitchen approved by the Public Health Services of the Republic of Cyprus and is registered in the Register of Restaurant and Hotel Kitchens. We have permits from the Public Health Services to prepare breakfast and lunch for children in our premises. Permits are renewed annually after all necessary food and water quality checks have been carried out.

    As a result, the children who study in our kindergarten have the opportunity to eat delicious homemade meals every day.

  • Our theatre workshop is based on educational drama. Educational drama is not aimed at cultivating acting skills or creating a theatrical performance. It is "a form of art with a pedagogical character". It involves the dramatization of fairy tales using techniques of educational drama. The protagonists are the children themselves. In the context of dramatizations, children activate their imagination, play roles, improvise, interact with each other, feel, sense, argue, face dilemmas, think critically and give solutions to various problems.

    Theatrical play is also pivotal in our theatre workshop. Children participate in activities of personal and social development, movement, trust, cooperation, physical expression, imagination, and observation, as well as in games.

  • Monkeynastix is a widely popular program that combines music and movement, thus giving children the opportunity to develop their creativity and imagination. This program aims to develop agility, balance, strength and coordination of movements.

    Monkeynastix is a comprehensive program that has been adored by many children around the world because it allows them to behave according to the psychosomatic characteristics of their age:

    • A purely unique kinesiology and music program aimed at children aged 1-8 years.

    • A successful international programme with more than 80 faculties in 19 countries.

    • Monkeynastix has been successfully implemented for 17 years – the pioneer of kinesiology in South Africa.

    • It is now successfully implemented in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, USA, Canada, Dubai, Greece, China, Saint Mauritius, Botswana, Kenya, Zambia, India, Turkey, Egypt, etc.

    • Fun & non-competitive.

    • A journey of discovery that will not only shape the children's body, but will develop all mental functions.

    • Children are born to move and through Monkeynastix we encourage them to explore and discover the world through their senses, body, fun and our exciting kinesiology program.

    • Designed by experts, validated by motivators and teachers, and loved by children!



We want to get to know you closely because it is important for us to know the experiences of each child, their interests, their knowledge, their abilities. We also respect the particular characteristics of each child, their needs and personal learning pace.
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Having created a rich in stimuli school environment, in combination with the modern facilities of the kindergarten, our goal is to support children so that they can build their own knowledge and develop their skills. 

The dominant activity in the Nostri Amici Private Kindergarten is play, in its sophisticated form, thematic play, and organized group play. Children in kindergarten acquire knowledge in playful ways and experiential activities. 

Active learning opportunities are given to children through play, fairy tales, music, singing, dancing, musical movement, natural sciences, theatre, educational activities, etc. 

Our programme is designed based on the comprehensive curriculum of the Ministry of Education and Culture with the aim of helping children develop physically, emotionally, mentally and socially. 

An important factor influencing the design of the programme is children’s fun and enjoyment. At the same time, we aim to develop a positive self-image, autonomy, critical and creative thinking and all the necessary skills so that children can live creatively and happily in society. 

Imperative in the smooth operation of the Nostri Amici Private Kindergarten is the successful school-family cooperation. Kindergarten staff are always available to discuss with you about your child’s progress or any other concerns you might have.